Difference Between Word Count And Character Count

As we all know, word count and character count play very crucial roles in writing. Many platforms restrict a specific limit for words and characters. So it is very significant to check the count to write according to the requirements. The sad part is that so many people out there do not know the difference between these fundamental terms of writing. Due to this, many people are not able to write engaging content. You can only understand the significance of it if you know the distinction between them. Here in this blog, we will help you write well by determining the difference between both in easy words:

Word Count:

It is the total amount of words within your text, paragraph, novel, etc. For example,   the text has the following sentence:

“Writer’s soul, experience, quality of his thoughts can be seen through the quality of a writer’s work.”

The total words in this sentence are Seventeen in total, and so is the word count of this line. In order to check the count of your words in the text, you can use the available word counters.


It plays a very crucial role in making your writing good, average, or bad. The total number of words your content contains also defines your readers. For example, if you are writing a novel of fifty to sixty thousand words, then it must be targeting teens and adults because children won’t be able to read it by themselves. Similarly, if you are writing a story of two to three thousand words, then it must be targeting children. So it is very essential to know the count.

Character Count:

It is different from the above. It is everything that your text, paragraph, the novel contains. You must be thinking about what comes with everything. Are spaces, commas, and symbols included, The answer to this is very simple? Yes, the character of your text includes letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces. For example, your text contains the following sentence.

“Writer’s soul, experience, quality of his thoughts can be seen through the quality of a writer’s work.”

The above sentence consists of a total of one Hundred and one characters. You can check it using available character counters.


It is used normally for social media platforms. Each platform has a specific limit for the total number of characters the user can write. There is a certain limit of character within which the content remains engaging. So it is important to check the count before uploading content on these platforms to capture a broad audience.

Final Words:

The difference between both the terms is clear from the above examples. The same sentence has a word count of twenty-two words whereas the character count of one twenty-two characters. Both these have different limits for different platforms. So before writing, know the limit and after writing check your content on Character counter to manage the count according to the requirement.