How Many Characters In A Facebook Post

Facebook always provides a wow factor for the users with its features. Keeping the tradition alive, Facebook surprises its user with a reasonable amount of character count of 63206 characters. The character count you get to write for a Facebook post is more than a novel, that clearly states that it’s the best platform to share your feelings and thoughts. But everything has its cons. Facebook posts that are more than 500 words make the most boring and dragging for people reading it. So make sure, when you write a Facebook post you keep the words reasonable enough that your user gets your point, and it’s not dragging for him or her as well. By choosing the right character counter from the max character limit of Facebook, you can make your post engaging and interesting for the users who read it.

Character Counter Implied For Facebook:

Deciding the implied character count is not a cup of tea. For this, you need to analyze and find some top-rated and engaging pages, videos, and content. A similar survey was conducted this year by Buzzsumo. After the analysis, buzz sumo and his team declared a 0.50 character post has the highest engagement. You can second this statement of buzzsumo if you dig deep into the tweets. Twitter is the most famous platform that allows to keep tweets short which makes them most engaging and appealing for the users. Similarly, Facebook posts that have a character count of 50 and above are less engaging and dragging for users.

Else than this, it was also clear from the videos and images that short content gets viral fast. As per the survey, videos that have short but authentic, useful, and interesting content get more engagement than the others. But make sure, the summary you add to your videos is also short.

Facebook And Other Platforms Difference:

The above survey is for Facebook and according to it 0-50 characters are the best count for the Facebook post but as you know your market and audience more, it’s up to you how you amend the count according to your user’s interest. Similarly, the above count is just for Facebook as all social media platforms follow different rules. However, sticking to only 50 characters is not possible. If you see the recent post of Halloween on Facebook, you will get an idea that the character count used for captions is more than 50 but was engaging. So it is up to you how you use the Facebook character limit suitably as per your audience.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the character count limit affects directly the engagement of the post. So it is essential to choose the count that is beneficial for you and your users. There is no thumb rule for this, but according to various Facebook posts, videos, and other content, 50 is the max character count. But you can change the count of your content according to the interest of the audience that you are trying to engage in.