How Many Pages Are 1500 Words?

How many pages are required while writing a specific number of words? It is the question that arises from time to time. There are many occasions that you have to write something considering the number of pages instead of the number of words. At such moments, you always think about how many words there will be in those particular numbers of pages.

Considering that question, the truth is that there is no definite answer to this question. It may take 3 pages having single line-spacing or can take 6 pages with double line-spacing. People mostly use Microsoft word or Google docs to write all types of academic or business articles. In both cases, the word count is available, and it tells the X number of words being written on X number of pages. However, there are also some other factors that are to be kept in mind while answering this question. The number of pages it will take to write 1500 words will depend on the factors like font size, font style, paragraph spacing, line-spacing, margins, etc. used to write that particular article.

For the people who need to know an overall general idea, a simple page with the margins of 1 inch and having a font size of 12-points with standard spacing will consist of 500 words with single-spaced composition. On the other hand, for some other tasks that are demanding double spacing, a page will take about 250 words to fill. For composing up the task on four pages, you can have 2000 words which will consist of single spacing and 1000 words with double spacing.

Once more, the kind of textual style utilized can make the most of the word sequential, yet it’s a decent dependable guideline for the individuals who are basically searching for an overall assessment.

It shows how an essay depends upon the dimensions you use for your writings. If we talk about the storybooks that are created for children, you may have seen that even 200 words take a lot of pages to complete. It is because of the larger font size in those books as well as the pictures that are added in that story for the interest of children. Not only storybooks but also there are some magazine articles which include pictures and take a lot of space to complete their article.

Mentioned above are all the aspects that show how many words per page are. All these measurements are discussed according to Microsoft Office or Google Docs format. Another option to write is a handwritten essay. If it is discussed how many pages it will take to complete that essay, the answer will depend a lot on the handwriting of the person who is writing it. 

Normally, a word written by a person by hand is double that of 12 font sizes in MS Office or Google Docs. Also, the spacing is doubled as well. Following that, the 1500-word handwritten essay may take up to 6-8 pages to complete.