How Many Words In The English Language

One language that has been universal and is spoken all over the world in English. However, old age English has unfolded into new English. If you get a chance to explore the old English, I can bet without any doubt you would not understand a single word of it. This proves the difference between the English language then and now. Coming to the most interesting question about the total no of words in the English language, nothing is surprising in its answer. The words are not constant, they change with time, and there are some reasons behind the change in number every month or year. Let us explore the reasons due to which the word count of the English language changes so frequently

People love to explore and as a result, they get to know about new places, things, and ideas that result in the discovery of new words.

In recent times, people utilize slang and jargon more than before. Due to the use of these two, language is evolving.

The English language has words from several different languages and people keep on exploring more words from other languages.

Now that we know that words increase every month or year, it’s time to explore the no of words, slang’s, and jargon’s the English language has and how many words are commonly known to people.

Words In The English Dictionary:

Oxford English dictionary and Webster International Dictionary are used all over the world and they both have been updated after times. Now we have so many volumes available of both of these dictionaries. To know the words in the Oxford English Dictionary and Webster International Dictionary, let’s explore the latest 20-volume of Oxford and Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. Like the number of words change, similarly, the number of words in both the dictionaries is different.171,476 is the word count for Oxford Dictionary and 470,000 is the word count for Webster’s Third New International Dictionary.

Use Of Slang’s And Jargon’s:

If you think you know the words in the English language then you are wrong, you can never count the number of words only through the dictionary. Slang’s and jargon’s used by people are also a part of the English language. But you can never estimate the exact count of slang. The slang’s vary from place to place. Some slang’s are used only for a particular area but some are used by all. Similarly, jargon s are professional terms that vary from one profession to another. Calculating the no of words in the English language is not easy like entering words in a Word count tool.

Wrapping Up:

It is clear from the above blog that the number of words in the English language varies with time and estimating the exact words is not easy as the slang’s and jargon are also a part of the English language. Coming out with the exact count is impossible as people keep on exploring new words and the old words keep on discarding every day, every month, and every year.