It has become an advanced world, and everything is moving really fast here. Everybody these days has some work with different platforms like excel, word, etc.

How to Check Character Count in Excel

When you are working on these platforms there are some rules and regulations all the time that you have to follow and that you have to do.

One of these rules includes keeping the count of the words and characters. You have to constantly look for these things so that you do not both exceed the limit or write lesser than that.

So, in this article, we will get to know about how to check character count in excel and some other things related to that.

How to Check Character Count in Excel:

We know that when we are working on excel there are different cells that you have to work in so we will tell you the method for that.

If you want to count the specific characters in the column then you have to use the LEN function that is present in excel. This will help you in counting the characters in one cell or column.

Now if you want to count the characters in excel in different columns then you have to use a different formula for that.

The formula that is used for checking character count in different columns is to use both the SUM and LEN to count characters in different ranges of the columns.

Without Spaces:

The functions do not just stop here but you can also count the characters in excel without the spaces very easily.

There is another formula that is used for this method. The formula that you have to use for counting the characters without spaces is LEN (substitute) and then you are good to go.

You can easily count the character without spaces if you use this formula properly.

In A Row:

You can also count characters in a row in excel using the same LEN formula and you will also do it with many rows joined together.

You can use the above-mentioned formula for both the columns and the rows, and you will get your demanded results in a go.

What is the LEN function:

Now there are a lot of people who do not have any idea about excel and they also do not have any idea about the LEN function that is present in it so we will also explain that for all these people.

LEN function is basically the formula that is used in excel which explains or counts the characters, numbers, letters, and all the spaces that are present in excel.

This is very simple to use and you can easily avail these functions when you want. All that you have to do to use this function is to just enter the LEN in the formula bar that is present on the screen and then you have to press enter.

This is it; this is all that you have to do to use the LEN function in excel and count everything from characters to numbers.