When you are writing an essay or an article there comes a time when you need to know what character count you have reached and, in some cases, you are not able to do it.

How to Show Character Count in the Word?

The assignments, essays, or articles are usually specified to some word limit and you constantly have to keep an eye on that because you do not want to write lesser than what you are assigned to do.

It is important that you keep a check of words so that you know you are going to fit all the things in the essay in those given words.

Character count is essential and always remember that there is a difference between word and character count.

Microsoft word is very popular, and it is used very widely because it has made it very easy to keep track of all the work that you are doing.

You can easily check the number of words that you have written in the given essay or the article and you can also check the number of characters that are used in your work.

In this article, we will tell you how you can show the character count in Microsoft word without any hassle.

How to Show Character Count

In Microsoft word, there are two different ways through which you can show or keep track of the number of words that you have used as well as the character count in those words.

In the first method, you can easily check the word count or the character count in the status bar which is present at the bottom of every single word file on your screen.

The second way is to check it through the review tab that is also present on your screen. You just have to click on the review tab, and you will be able to find it there and you can easily check your character count.

As we mentioned above Microsoft word is not a random platform, but it gives you the opportunity to look for everything inside it.

You can check the number of your paragraphs, you can check the number of pages that you have used, you can check words, lines, and lastly what you are looking for i.e. characters.

The word file can easily distinguish between the characters that you have used in your document without the spaces or with them.

It completely depends upon what your requirements or what are you find inside it. You can check for the spaces along with character depending upon the demand and vice versa.

There are different ways of checking the character count. The first way where you have to check the character count of the whole thing that you have written which you can easily check from the bar or review tab.

The other way is when you specifically want to check the character count in the paragraph. For that, you have to select that paragraph and then you can check the character count from the tab or bar.