We often find the different spellings of the exact words, and one of them is a restaurant. It’s pretty simple to get confused between these two, either restaurant or restaurant, and how did you know which one is correct? So, in today’s guide, we will discuss how you spell restaurant exactly. Deep down, you would also find the tricks to remember the difference; excited to know? So, let’s find out together.

What is the restaurant?

Before digging into how you spell restaurants, let us clarify what a restaurant is. The answers to this question vary as the different languages described the term differently, but the main idea would remain the same.

  1. In American English, it’s a place where meals are bought and eaten to serve the customers.
  2. In British English, it’s often said that a restaurant is a commercial place where meals are prepared to serve the customers.
  3. But, in general, and simple words, a restaurant is a place where you can eat mean and would pay for it. Moreover, the food will be served to you by the waiter or waitress.

So, as you can see, the meanings of the restaurant (a place where food are served to customers) remain the same, but different languages have different definition or ways to describe it.

The origin of the word restaurant – and why it has unclear spellings:

The word restaurant comes from the Latin word “restaurer” which means “provide food for.” Later, in the 19th century, the English language entered and was spelled as a restaurant. That’s why it’s often spelled as “restorante” in Italian, making it difficult for some people to recognize how you spell restaurant.

You know what: the world’s first restaurant was opened in Paris under the management of monsieur Boulanger. Mainly in the early days, it had only one dish on the menu: sheep feet simmered in white sauce.

Today many types of restaurants and dining we have but they all have one thing in common, which is 

a place where people go, eat food, and pay for it.

How do you spell restaurant?

So, here is a quick answer for how you spell restaurant.

The correct spelling of this word is R-E-S-T-U-R-A-N-T, not “resturent”

Tricks to remember the difference; restaurant vs. resturent

Suppose you are some of those who need clarification about the spelling. Don’t worry. Here is the trick to remember with which you can quickly memorize how to spell restaurant accurately.

  • Remember the original French word spellings. It would help you to memorize the correct spellings of it.
  • You can also use any of the free writing assistants to detect typos or any mistakes. Further on, once you get used to it by correcting each, you can leave the usage of that helping tool.
  • Always remind yourself that there are 10 letters in a restaurant. This way, you could also pronounce and spell the right one.
  • You can also try to remember it by writing. For this, you need to write the word restaurant at least 30 to 40 times on a paper and with that, keep pronouncing. It would help you improve your spelling even with a few practices.

Synonyms for the restaurant:

It also works best if you keep an eye on some alternates of different words. Yes, to sound, or you can use any of them instead of saying restaurant every time. This would also help you eliminate the complex ambiguity of memorizing the spellings of the restaurant.

Here are some of the alternatives that you can use.

  1. Diner
  2. Grill
  3. Eating House
  4. Deli
  5. Café
  6. Beanery
  7. Canteen
  8. Soup kitchen
  9. wine bar

Depending upon your location or the place you are sitting and going to, you can replace the word restaurant with any of them. So, it doesn’t matter which word you use. All you need to focus on is spelling each word correctly and using it where it gets the perfect fit.

Good to know: Each word’s context would determine its correctness and usage. That’s why while using alternatives, you need to make sure of the relevancy. For example, you can’t use the word wine bar for a restaurant if you are sitting in a wine bar.

Bonus: How to pronounce restaurant?

Well, if you also need clarification in the pronunciation of the word restaurant. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Some others can also need clarification.

Generally, in American English, it’s often pronounced as



Tip: For perfect pronunciation, break down the word into syllables of “res,” “tau,” and “rant.”


How do you spell the word restaurant in Spanish?

Restaurant is a word in the Spanish language, so it has different kinds of spellings. Though, somehow the pronunciation remains the spellings changed.

So here is the correct spelling of it in the Spanish language.

  • r-e-s-t-a-u-r-a-n-t-e

How many syllables are in the word restaurant?

To memorize the spelling more confidently, this question significantly affects how many syllables are in the word restaurant. So, shortly the word restaurant has three syllables “res,” “tau,” and “rent.”

What are the different ways to spell restaurant?

Here are some different ways to spell restaurant. The word restaurant is spelled differently in other countries, so it has various spellings too.

  • “Resturant” (10.1%)
  • “Restront” (5.3%)
  • “Restaurante” (9.4)
  • “Resteraunt (3.1%)

How do you spell restaurant in French?

The correct spelling of restaurant in French is “le restaurant” where the meaning remains the same.

Hopefully, in today’s guide, you got the answer to all of your concerns. If you have any other questions or want us to write on any of the questions, you may like. Do write in the comment section; we would love to be there.

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