How To Write A Good Conclusion

Are you also unaware of the significance of writing a conclusion and also the right way to write it? So keep reading this article as this blog is all about the importance, strategies, functions, and effectiveness of writing a good concluding paragraph.

Literal Meaning:

The conclusion is usually described as a judgment after reasoning and description. It refers to finishing or ending something. It gives ending a shape or a thoughtful end to a piece of writing. It shapes the impression of the reader and persuades the reader, the writer’s given point of view. It leaves a significant influence on the reader’s mind. The conclusion paragraph engages the reader with diverse emotions; suspense, excitement, surprise, contemplation, etc. It’s a kind of last and foremost opportunity to persuade the reader towards the writer’s idea, so it must be composed, brief, attractive, and catchy.

While writing a good and effective paragraph following points must be considered;

Main Points – it must contain key points of your study, whether you are writing an essay, an article, a blog, or a story (that contains the moral; of the story).

Use Quotations – it must be attractive and alluring, so it must include; quotes, catchy sentences.

Suggest Results– state consequences of the story while writing an article or conducting a research study, give suggestions while writing an essay. But keep in mind it should be an open paragraph, the reader will decide it on their won. Do not spoon-feed the reader by giving direct statements in favor or against, mention the facts, the reader will conclude it on their own.

Provocative Question – you can also add provocative questions in the conclusion paragraph, the reader will put effort to get an answer on their own.

Wrap-Up – it must be a wrap-up of your study, must give the reader a sense of closure and completion. It is the opposite of the introduction as the reader moves from specific to general.

Summary – give a summary of the main things. Avoid repeating the same words and ideas.=

Sales Pitch – it must be a sales pitch, an ability that persuades the reader of a certain outlook and arguments.

Close It Flawlessly – try to end it flawlessly, without hesitation. Once you are done writing it, give it a read and check whether it’s conveying the same ideas, and is appropriate as a conclusion paragraph. Key elements should be anchored carefully.

Don’ts To Be Considered While Writing A Conclusion Paragraph   

  1. Avoid introducing new topics, ideas, and stating new arguments in them.
  2. Avoid repeating the same points and words, as it will show stagnation rather than progression.
  3. Avoid making emotional, sentimental appeals, let the reader decide on their own.
  4. Avoid phrases like sum-up, to the conclusion, in summary, etc. It might irritate the audience.
  5. Avoid giving statistical analysis at the end of the paragraph.
  6. Avoid concluding with apologizes that “I am not a professional” etc. because that doesn’t leave a good impression on the reader.

Consider these main points while writing a conclusion paragraph. Remember conclusion paragraph is the one that brings the whole body in a unifying theme.