Over 332 million people use Snapchat to express their feelings and collaborate with their loved ones. That’s why Snapchat introduces their premium subscription but remember, the number of users for Snapchat plus remains under 1% of Snapchat users.

So, either you want to know about what Snapchat Plus is, its features, or how you can get it. All of these concerns will be answered here in this guide. That’s why all you need to do is stick with us till the end to explore this detailed guide.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat plus is a paid service of Snapchat where users would get more advanced options and prioritized support to continue communicating with their friends with ease.

For now, Snapchat plus is available for only a few countries and states who can enjoy the premium services over their iPhone or android but with ease.

Features of Snapchat Plus:

Let’s say you plan to get a premium subscription to Snapchat to get an idea of whether you should buy it.

So, let’s explore which additional features they offer and how and whether it’s worth spending the money.

Customized Story Expiration:

Until now, just like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook, Snapchat was also offering 24 hours story visibility. By getting a Snapchat feature, you can make your story last longer than 24 hours.

This means you can post a story and customize the time according to whether you want to keep these stories for 48 or 72 hours or even for a whole week.

Get Story Watch Indicator:

With Snapchat plus, you would also be able to know who had watched your story, but you may wonder if this option is also available on Snapchat. Remember, if you get the subscription, you will also know who has watched your stories multiple times and how many times.

So, now you can easily track which one of your friends on Snapchat has re-watched your stories and how many times. Well, this sounds interesting. So, let’s move on.

Customization notifications:

Another important customized feature of Snapchat plus is that the user can get the option to set the notification sound according to their choice. There is a wide range of 7 sounds available, which you can choose from.

Moreover, this feature is also beneficial for you to set a specific sound for a specific person so that you can easily know whenever somebody texts you without even touching your phone.

Snapchat Plus Badge:

Yes, once you subscribe to the Snapchat premium features, they would assign you a badge that would indicate to others that you are a premium user of Snapchat. You can easily get a badge on your profile that lets the people know who visit your profile that you are a premium user, and they would get to know that you are paying for it.

Good to know: this feature would not be available automatically, and you have to make it visible manually.

Maps Ghost Trial:

What if we tell you that you can also check the friend’s location over the past 24 hours by subscribing? This sounds fascinating.

Yes, you can easily check out the location but remember your friend also has the option to turn off the location sharing with you. But remember, if they turned it off, they would also not be able to benefit from a ghost map trial.

The next person probably doesn’t want to have an embarrassing conversation on why he had turned it off, so you can easily benefit from this feature.

Customized Snapchat Icons:

Average users of Snapchat have a customized icon with a yellow background, but if you are a Snapchat plus user, you would get the 30 plus icons and can set it customized.

This feature may seem boring to you, or you may not love it, but definitely, it would give some special feeling.

Prioritize Story Replies:

Let’s say you relied on someone’s story, and many other people are also replying. But with the Snapchat plus feature, your reply will be prioritized over others.

Having a premium Snapchat subscription means it would replace a star before your story reply.

Snapchat for Web:

Every active Snapchat user may need this feature to die heartily, and if you are also one of those, Snapchat has resolved your problem, and now you can use it over your mobile, laptop, or PC.

All you need to do is subscribe to Snapchat plus and enjoy the service over Laptop or PC too.

Key features of snapchat plus

How to Get Snapchat plus:

Now, you have enough information about Snapchat plus but are wondering how you can get it. Don’t worry; we are here to explain it; stick with us.

  • First of all, update your Snapchat
  • Next open Snapchat and open your profile page by simply tapping on the top left corner.
  • And if your Snapchat is updated already, here instantly, you will see a gold-tinted banner under your name,
  • Choose your subscription plan, whether you want to pay for it monthly or yearly; you can also get the 7 days free trial just before you pay for
  • Now, pay for the subscription and become an official premium member of Snapchat plus


How Much Does Snapchat Cost?

It depends on whether you want to get a monthly subscription or an annual one. If you want to get premium features for 1 month, it would cost you around $3.99; for 1 year, you will pay $21 for a year.

Is There Are Any Harms to Using Snapchat Plus?

Even though, above mentioned, all features are harmless and you won’t face any issues, remember, this can also lead you to danger if you use it down the line. While using Snapchat premium unreleased features, you should also bother that Snapchat is the most dangerous social media app.

In Which Countries Snapchat Plus Feature is Available?

Mainly Snapchat Plus features are available in all big countries worldwide, just as in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. But, the company is planning to expand it to more countries all over the world.